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+ met up with seat mates around 2pm, wandered around for a bit and bought fangoods
- so. so. facking. hot ;_____;
+ waited for official stores to open, stood in the wrong line so we had to stand in the sun all over again ;_; worth it in the end though, got Siwon's animal tee

+ remember these?:

idek this is going to sound really awkward and weird but my friends and I, we got approached by a few people wanting to ask us about the fansigns we were holding DD: there was even a Korean couple that blabbered at us in Korean before figuring out that we were Malaysian rofl but point being, just out of curiosity, if anyone sees pics of those ^^^^ floating around, hit me here y/y?


+ we got in around 6:45pm because we were stopped by some kind of reporter person? idek
+ seat: lower tier L6, Q11 :DD front row!
+ the guards around us were really nice this time around, a huge change from the DBSK concert ones :/ even when we whipped out our cameras, they just continued sitting on the steps, watching the concert and passing wry comments (eg. why scream so loud, it's only their face on screen)
- they did, however, ask us to stfu when we started uhm. Standing on the bottom part of the metal railings separating us from the stage rofl


Some fans even brought a cake to commemorate the occasion rofl so awesome, even though it started to melt a little in the heat D:

SCREAMING we were sitting close enough to look into the trapdoor thing so when we saw someone coming up, cue a whole lot of batshittery. Members started coming down from the sides too, like from the stairs next to the seats but whoever that came down on our side was too ninja to be seen ;__; It was Wookie :DD


In which I slowly begin my descent into the clutches of Super Junior DDD:


this was during their member intros aksdjnak omg why so precious, everyone.


I can't believe we were this close kasjdna dying, look at them guns


Go on. Try and guess my bias :DDD


crying, we were actually extremely lucky throughout the whole concert in terms of fan interaction.

Lucky fan incident 1 aka Sexy Fish Time:
 Donghae taking my friend's balloon :DDD She's a huge Donghae fan so idek, it was worth going to that mother/child fair and begging for one of the balloons there so she could get that yellow holder...stick...thing. Yeah. I can't remember too much about this incident because I was too busy screaming and freaking out over the fact that Donghae had actually taken the balloon so early in the concert aksjdak


For your viewing pleasure :D

For some reason I cannot comprehend, Yesung was around our section a lot :DD He's not even close to being my bias but heyyy fan interaction!

aksdak dorks ♥

Dies, see that onigiri? That's from my Donghae-fan-friend :DD She was screaming at Shindong to take it but he kept giving DNW faces rofl

doesn't everyone just love how compromising that position looks :DDD

oh my god ;____;


crying from the perfection, here's when lucky fan incident 2 aka best thing ever for Jo happened, I think.

Anyways, I was holding a pair of reindeer ears and I flung it at his feet. Siwon didn't see it at first or maybe he did and he was being an a-hole about ignoring it but anyways, my friends and I screamed our fool heads off for him to PICK IT UP, PICK IT UP. 

Which he did.

Oh my god ;___; He didn't wear it but he kinda...held it for a while? Then he flung it back to the crowd and now I have it on my desk and it is sacred and holy and I want to frame it up and oh my god ;___; oh my god you guys he touched it

OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. THE NUMBER OF TIMES I SAID THAT WOULD MAKE SIWON VERY UNHAPPY. He was around our section quite a bit too which brings me to 

lucky fan incident 3 aka the other best thing ever for Jo:

See that pink/black Siwon fansign at the very start of the post? I was waving that around like a crazy person for most of the concert and at one point ( 2nd half of con, my camera batteries went out ;-; this is what you get for taking 400 shots in less than two hours), I got a little too excited and...

And I held the damn thing upside down DDD:

dying of embarrassment, he was going around shaking hands with my section atm and maybe that's why out of the whole line, I was the only one he didn't touch at all. My friends on the immediate left and right, he touched their hands but me. Nada. AKJDHBAK maybe he's afraid that idiocy can spread ;_;

but when he was on my left, I happened to meet his eye.

I think atm I was spacing out a little, screaming his name so when he looked at me, I just sort of shut up and smiled :DDD


oh my god ;___; I don't even want to imagine how creepy my smile must have been at that moment.


kajsdnk these two ;_; Teuk looks so good irl I don't even. Even have words urgh and Shindong, he's not as fat as in the pics DD:


dies, blame my utter lack of SJ knowledge but for the life of me, I don't even know who's pictures I took DD: solos, solos, so many solos

Lucky fan incident 4 aka the Best. Thing. Ever.

See this gqmf? My deskmate, she has a huge thing for Kyuhyun :DD Kyuhyun, unfortunately, doesn't have that huge a thing for servicing fans so for most of the concert, he just walked past our section without doing anything notable. Well to me, anyway, maybe he had a really notable smile or smth idek but okay digressing

Point is, my friend, she made this huge Kyuhyun fanboard and nearing the end of the concert, she stuck it out towards him. He, of course, ignored it for a bit but when we all stared screaming for him to take it, he got this...idek, /sigh/ look on his face before reaching out towards it. Like he's going guys, I don't want to do this but just one time, yeah?

THEN HE POSED WITH IT FOR A WHILE. POSED. LET US TAKE PICS. ;___; HANDED IT BACK. Now I'm not Kyu fan but still, what he did was beyond awesome. Deskmate is now on cloud 9 and has sworn never to throw said sign away :DD

I've already mentioned that there was a lot of Yesung, right? Okay.

Heechul..this man. Sigh. Honestly, he was one of the most amusing ones when it comes to weirdassery but fan interaction (well with our section) was basically non-existent. :/// I'm kinda sad that they didn't do Gee after Chu but the latter was still 5000 kinds of amazing. Especially Donghae because damn, Amber looks so much like him (...or is it the other way rofl) it's practically scary.

There was one time when Heechul got hold of this...toy windmill thingamajig and dies, as a testament to his idgaf personality, he sat in a corner trying to fix it while everyone was doing their dance numbers. Crying, this man. This man.

Teuk's solo, Honey? :DD

KRY doing their thing.

spin spin spin~

KASDJHAK PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S A SS2 SONG. SO MUCH CRACK. SO MUCH TO SEE. SO FAR AWAY. Heechul was the one in the dragon suit and it was...Shindong as the baby? Yeah. Then the rest of them came out as insects aksdjnak there were flies, mosquitoes, a spider~

dying, this section was surprisingly cracky, everyone was doing something or other and they were shoving, getting in each other's way and basically just being entertaining :DD

Which brings me to the point about how...okay I hate to say this but SS2 was actually better than the DBSK "O" concert for me, in terms of entertainment. DD: Blasphemy, coming from a hardcore DBSK fan.


sexy, sexy back unff

:/// for the whole song, he just sat there, regardless of how loud we were screaming for him to look at us. Damn you, Heechul. Damn you and your cats.

aksdjak leader, probably 2nd bias now :DD


CRYING, WHO AM I WAS PERFECT. EVERYTHING. EVEN THE ENGRISH DIDN'T SOUND THAT BAD ;___; And after it, he was going on something about Jesus and God and Malaysia and the Holy Spirit (...idek about the last one, couldn't hear crap) and just being so amazing and we were screaming SIWON, GOD LOVES YOU! GOD LOVES YOU!!!!

If anyone can tell me just what he was saying, please, for the love of all things good on this earth, share?

/happy sigh/

akdsjnak I didn't expect this at all, the whole dance break thing :DD If I'm not mistaken, it's almost the same choreography as the one they did during the new year concert? the one with all the idol groups battling it out kajsdnba THEY DID THE "RUN TO THE FINISH LINE" THING TOO OMG LOVE

I've already mentioned him, right? Okay. :DD

Sadly, I only have pics for the first part of the concert because my camera died on me after a few hours ;_;

Lucky fan incident 5 aka the last one:

Again, this has to deal with fansigns :DD more specifically, the Zhoumi/Henry one. Henry had his shades on during his SJM perf so I highly doubt he saw it but crying, at the very end of the concert, when SJ was trooping away, Zhou Mi happened to pass by our section so we waved, screamed, flapped the sign.

Which he acknowledged with his gqmf smile and a hand heart thing omg ;___; so worth it.

- I'm kinda mehh that they didn't perform Gee/Superman but ah wells, we had an awesome dance number to make up for it?
+ Most of the 2nd half of the concert was spent in a daze DD:
+ Siwon is amazing.
+ Like, take me now you sexy beast sort of amazing

= god so help me, I will not stan SJ after this. I will not. Please, no ;__;

And that about wraps up my half-arsed fan report for SS2 rofl I don't think it can even be considered a fan report but...yeah. Upping the zip file of the photos later (374 pics, MQ to HQ but mostly the former because I was freaking out too much) when my connection isn't being crazy :D

Flist, feel free to link this post wherever you want, it's unlocked for a reason. I would post it around but sadly, I'm...not involved in anything vaguely SJ related at all :DD Soompi, SJ comms, wherever. Credit would be awesome too, assuming anyone is uh. Interested and all that. Mehh.

I have school tomorrow fml D:
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