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So on Saturday, I got to see these guys :DDD

U-Kiss fan account...thing. Dies after so long, I still don't know how to write a proper fan account so bear with my fail yeah? I went with a couple of friends but we all got different seats because we bought/paid at different times etc :/ Hm. Ok and btw, the pics...are going to be lower quality than the SS2 ones, mostly because I think I was spazzing a little too much and screaming and also because I dropped my camera a few days before. Stupidity. I'm good friends with it.

A pic of the venue before it filled up

Ok so I was sitting in the 4th row which was pretty close to the stage \o/ the meet didn't really start on time but s'okay, everyone was rushing around trying to exchange the signed posters they got. Apparently there was a shortage of Kibum and Kiseop ones because they only signed their share the night before and those got handed in late :/ sadaces. But anyways!

Small section of the crowd

I got an Eli one, swapped that with a friend because she's head over heels in love with the man and now I'm the owner of a Dongho signed poster. A bit ironic, considering how I've been guilty of proclaiming that...Ihatehisface :// Whoops. I'm a Kevin/Kibum girl at heart but s'okay but I'm still totally willing to swap for Kibum/Kevin/Xander!


Ok don't get me wrong, I love the boy more now but still, my bias is Kevin/Kibum/Xander. Anyone? ANYONE AT ALL?

So blah blah blah everyone made new friends and all that, the 8TV crew were revving up the crowd a little and then Ryan, the host came onstage with his fobby Korean :D We did a crowd cheer thing, the right going U! and the left going KISS! Repeat, repeat etc. I think I blew my throat out before the actual thing started lol call me nitpicky but Malaysia, you disappoint with the choice of MCs. Should have gotten someone who can actually...y'know. Speak English. But moving on to happier things! U-Kiss!

They started off playing 2 games with the fans, the first being Cham Cham Cham (more like a simplified version, they cut out the rock/paper/scissors part). Askkjasdnsakj cue a lot of screaming and "PICK ME"s and major jealousy all around. Have pictures. I'm still too consumed with jealousy to be too coherent.

in the last two, you can see Ryan, he's a DJ from some Chinese radio station :/

Choosing players for the game /crying

The penalty for losing varies from member to member. Hugging a member, hugging a contestant, that kinda stuff.

Also, some of the more epic "punishments" included reenacting the Titanic hug scene, carrying a fan (Eli did that askdbak he carried her from one end of the stage to the other) and getting carried by a fan (Dongho omg screaming at this one)

loooool Soohyun, implying that the rest of the members were boring

okay I admit, the focus of this pic is the Kemaru. They were literally stuck together at the start, ngl ;_; adorb much?

Second game was a "show your talent" thingamajig which was pretty fun as well. Repetition of the screaming, "PICK ME"s and jealousy (the last one multiplied by like, 49854329 though). The lucky girl sitting directly in front of me got chosen by Kevin and just...yeah. Pictures. Enjoy them in their low-res quality while I go and mope in a corner for a bit D;


Lucky bunny-ear girl in question, omg look at these two, why so cute ;_; I think she sang Doushite for her talent and hot damn it was good.


the 2nd most epic talent ever, Eli practically grinding on the girl. Sexy dance time. Approved. Unf.

omg most epic talent ever, the infamous shirt lifting part of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang dance. I screamed, I squeed, I died a million deaths.

Can't remember what happened here but Kibum's face, just...bask in how he seems be giving off that "I am better than you all" vibe. You know it's true.

more of bunny girl and Kevin! Like I mentioned, cute and adorb and all that ;_; anyway bunny girl (...okay if you're bunny girl and you're reading this, I'm sorry for not knowing your real name and calling you bunny girl, hit me with your real one and I'll change it asap ^^/) won the talent thing so she got to stay onstage during the birthday thing. Woo!

After that, they had a little birthday surprise for Dongho with a cake and singing and just the usual birthday stuff. Very cute, especially when the fanforum person came up with stuff for Dongho and he was all surprised and :D and adorable~

(ok so after this I kinda stopped taking pics because I wanted to focus on the perf so...yeah. Wall of text ahead!)

Mmm then they performed (ok it's not in sequence because my memory sucks) Bingeul Bingeul, Not Young, Talk to Me, Mworago (SO MUCH SCREAMING ON MY PART HERE, I LOVE THIS SONG LIKE BURNING) and...a ballad song.


By BoysIIMen


And it was End of the Road.


omg screaming forever, they killed that song dead and stepped on its dead body with honailed boots, damn it sounded so good ;_; Personally, I didn't expect much from their performances at the start because idek, maybe it was that one live thing I watched on Youtube which wasn't very impressive (...don't kill me omg ;-;) but yesterday was...wow.

I was quite, quite blown away at how good they sounded live and just watched all the performances with my hands over my mouth. Or paws, considering how I was in a tiger hat thing (more on that later rofl). They sang Manmanhani last I think and it was awesomesauceeee. The crowd joined in for all the "HEY!" parts because it's pretty much the only part we can do without messing up. Have a pic to break the word vomit:

fan letters to them, stayed up till 2am the night before doing them because that's how I roll

praise the good lord for English and Google Translator!

After that, a short ment where they spazzed a bit (no idea what happened in there, sorry, was spacing out and staring at Kevin ;_;) but I do remember Xander speaking in Cantonese and it was...yat lou, like they say. Hng. Didn't catch the first part but he did end by saying he's been holding it in (? for the lack of a better word, my brain is still kinda frozen) for a long time but there's no one to speak Cantonese with him~

They had a short break after that and then the fansigning started D; and just omg forever and ever. Best 60 seconds of my life ever sajdkasjkn I went up right after the Top20 fans did and kajsdnak I don't even know how to write about it coherently  ;-; Someway through the first batch of fans, Kibum, Eli and Soohyun took off their blazers and the crowd went batshit. Batshitt. And for a good reason because omg, Kibum. My 2nd bias. Arms. So good.

fml I don't even remember the seating arrangement anymore but Kevin (bias! bias! bias!) was the first. I wore my tiger hat throughout most of the meet and that included the time I went onstage as well :DD one of the best decisions I've made in a long time rofl okay so because I'm a forgetful dork, I had the word HUG written on my hand in block letters in case I forgot to ask them for a hug :/ Well I did remember and I asked Kevin for one but he was all "Aww sorry no, I can't D;" I kinda died inside at how his accent is ksndka forget the hug, hearing him speak was pretty much enough. He did compliment my tiger hat though ksajdak "Hey your hat is so cute :D" Eli and Soohyun said the same thing :DDDD

yeah this doesn't need any explanation, Xander signature is awesome

screamingggg ;_; okay then I handed him my fan letter and my gift (the I Heart Revolution CD from Hillsong) and told him that it's my favorite CD of all time and he said "Aw thanks, I'll be sure to listen to it~"

screaming more ;___; After that, we shook hands (my hand was freezing, srsly, his was so warm) and then I moved on to the rest. It's all a blur now because I was spacing out a lot from the awesomeness and there were some points when my brain froze and I stuttered and I almost forgot to hand out the fan letters and oh! The girl behind me, she spoke to Xander in Cantonese (honestly I wanted to do that too but staring at his face, I kinda just stammered out a "Hi~") and she said..."I like hearing you speak in Cantonese"...? Dies why can't I remember :// And he (must have) responded going "I like speaking it too~"

Etc. more blank spaces, passed Eli a vocab book to help with his crap Korean rofl I told him what it was and he was all "Aw thank you!" ;_; Two words. My heart. Blah blah a lot of hi-ing and hey-ing and hand shaking (managed to shake all 7 woohoo!). Said annyeonghaseyo to Dongho and Soohyun rofl the guy next to Soohyun was all (in Korean): "Are you Korean?" Had to explain that nah, sadly I'm not etc then I got pushed offstage by the security. Soohyun was the last in the line and...that ends my crazyass, rambly account of how I managed to see U-Kiss face to face and gaze upon the ethereal, skinny beauty that is Kevin Woo. Oh my lord.

The poster that everyone got \o/

They finished signing for the VIPs then (okay not sure about the sequence here again, sorry, I fail) they took photos with the Top20? Xander kinda...slided over the table back to his seat after that, totally awesome. They started handing out the CDs to the rest of the fans after that and I'm pretty sure a lot of cute and squee-able stuff happened but there were just way too many fans onstage to catch it all :/// There was this one girl though, who wanted another member and she bypassed Soohyun who was all :// rofl he was standing near the end of the line then. After that incident, he moved way to the front and started handing out CDs to everyone :D Too cute~

Ok so most of the fanmeet was CD signing and CD giving so...yeah. That's about it? I brought a whiteboard with me because I was too lazy to make a proper fansign rofl it was pretty useful, from begging people to change posters with me (failed) to just dorking around. Here's a little of what I wrote and showed and the the reactions (if there were any D;)

- XANDER, GOD LOVES YOU! (no one saw :/)
- KEMARU <3 kekeke (wrote the last part in Korean, too lazy to get out the hangul now haha but Kevin saw it and was all :DDD! and nodding. Kibum on the other hand...shook his head)
- KEVIN BLOW ME A KISS! (was seen thanks to my super awesome seatmate who waved it around like crazy :D Kevin was all :D)
- OPPADEUL KAJIMA! (again written in Korean, was seen by most of them I think, Kibum did a D; face)
- KIBUM = SEXY (very sure it was seen but Kibum being a bamf, ignored it :/)


very pretty redemption card :DDD

And that's the end of the fanmeet~ After that we hightailed it to Mandarin Oriental and stood around waiting. Got shooed by some of the hotel staff and one big, burly guy told us to gtfo because U-Kiss weren't gonna come back till midnight or something.

Lies. Such lies :/// We believed him at first though and we were already on the way back to KLCC but just before we could leave, we saw 3 white vans with tinted windows pull up. And stop in front of the hotel.

And then ELi came out kasjdnakjn omg there weren't too many fans around at that time so Eli just stood there for a while looking totally sexy in his singlet and just dazzling us all with those amazing arms and I was going "Dude dude dude" really softly to my friend who kept shoving me to the side. Then the rest of U-Kiss came out and pandemonium ensued. A friend of mine yelled "Enjoy your stay!" to Kibum and he looked back and smiled. I was just grinning dumbly the whole time until Kevin passed and just went "KEVINNNNNNNN!" which got him to turn back and smile as well.


askdjnakjnsgdvkj omg ;___; my friend has a few pics from the hotel encounter but since she's studying for some kind of college exam now, I can't get them off her :/ Sorry! Ok so yeah we spazzed our way all over KLCC and a few of us somehow wound up back at Mandarin Oriental around 8pm+ Waited around till 9+ but no sign of the boys, despite how the Secustar people and their kinda cute manager were walking around the hotel lobby. There was some kind of official function going on at the same time so we got a lot of hugeass, tinted-windowed vans pulling up. Lots of nervousness ensued from that and I swear, it was like dying because everytime we thought one of the vans would belong to U-Kiss, some official person would walk out of it hng I think we saw the Raja Muda of Perak?

Met 2 Korean businessmen who were really awesome, they asked us what we were doing hanging around the hotel and we told them that we were waiting for U-Kiss.

Them: U-Kiss? Who is U-Kiss?
Us: Korean...idol band...
Them: Ahh...we don't like Korean singer. We like Malaysian singer!
Us: rofl (and at some point I blurted out annyeonghaseyo and was quizzed on whether I was Korean or not for the 2nd time lol)

They had a Caucasian woman as a...guide? Or companion or something idek but anyways, she said she stayed in Korea for a year and she liked HOT. Lots of agreeing from the Korean men that HOT are awesome and the like lol they wished us good luck in our waiting~

Ok so back to the wait. We missed the boys by like, a few metres ;/ sadfacing at it, they must have come out from the carpark and ninja-ed into the vans without anyone seeing because the next thing I knew, a bunch of fans were chasing vans down the driveway and out to the junction D: They came back all sad though and no one could get a good look at who was in the vans but now I'm 99.99% sure it was U-Kiss. Oh well. One time was good enough?

speaks for itself rofl
And...so that concludes my spazzy, not really coherent fan account that has a lot of repitions of the words "and"/"omg"/";__;. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed typing it out and kasjdnka if by any chance, any of you reading this recognize me from the fan meet (obvsly I'm the tiger hat girl lol), add me up here or on Twitter so we can spazz together yeah? @frijae go go go!

And this is a little much to ask but if anyone knows of the other 2 adorable guys who were wearing the animal hats, point me towards them? Additionally, if anyone wants a .zip of all the pics I took (about 130 I think), just leave me a comment and I'll upload them somewhere~

PS- I'm not a member of any of the forums so...yeah, if you wanna pass this fan account to people, go ahead and spread the link :DD love is to be shared!
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