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Ok so people are expecting some kind of craycray fan account for the KL showcase from me since kasdnak and baww I wish I could deliver but I honestly...honestly have nothing to say other than it was amazing. And also, I have no pics because when push came to shove, I thought I'd rather just soak in their's awesomeness rather than trying to get good shots DD: Whoops. But good choice on my part though /pats self on back hee~

To make up, I'll be cutting the word vomit with macros! Because everyone loves macros, right? Right! Lets go~

Rephrase from the start: JYJ singing live was amazing. Everything else was a bit mehh imo (...getting caught in the shitass rain and almost getting trampled trying to get into the stadium might have something to do with that D:) but overall, JYJ. God. They're so amazing ;-; I've been throwing that word around so much but ngl, the proper word to describe them hasn't been invented yet so amazing it shall stay.

First, the important parts! JYJ came up through a trap door and my brain just went OH SHIT OH SHIT IT'S THEM OH HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD kasdnak ;_; They did "Empty" first and hot damn, that song is good live. Basically everything from them is good live but Empty sounded bloody fantastic if you ask me.

They were rocking their outfits (black, therefore sexy) and Jaejoong had his arms bare (I HAVE NO WORDS. I MEAN. SHIT, I WAS SO FAR AWAY BUT THEY STILL BLEW MY MIND, IDEK HOW THE FRONT ROW PEOPLE MADE IT OUT ALIVE) and he had hip thursts and I'm sorry if anyone out there is not Jae-biased since most of this half assed fanaccount centers around how amazing that man is. /breathes

Yeah Jae, yeah, idek either. You kinda blew me away.

Up next was uh, Be my Girl? Dies I'm horrible at remembering so bear with me if I get the arrangement wrong DD; Mic stands omg ;_; They were just werking it so good unfff people were saying Jae wasn't in that good a mood in S'pore and he didn't do much but bb was ...making love to the stand.

God if I die tomorrow, let me be reincarnated as a mic stand that Jaejoong will use ;____;

I think they had a brief talk time after that and ngl, I'm more than happy with their MC choice this time around. Serena C did amazing (well imo, compared to all the other crap MCs I've encountered at M'sian events urgh hello FTI and U-Kiss :/) Don't ask me what went down there because I honestly cannot remember but  have some bullet points about what I think they talked about!

- concert in 2011! Jae had a bit of a problem with this I think, took a while from him to say "Next summer" rofl /loves on him
- engrish time, Chun took overfor most of the convo and Junsu's voice is just so adorable irl ide ;A;
- Jae's speaking voice. I want to listen to it forever
- some question about whether M'sian girls are hot and Junsu went all "Yes~" while Jae looked undecided rofl poor bb, we understand, it's okay. But he did manage out something positive in the end (did he say "Beautiful"?)
- honestly have no idea when this was but Yoochun went all "ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH" on us at some point. Screaaaaaaming ;_;

I will forever remember the tragic looking thing Chunface was wearing rofl ok so I didn't get what Junsu was wearing either but thank god Jae stayed safe with a tee. Chunface was in some kind of...idek what colour that is, maroon? Maroon suit with blue tie. Uhm. Ok thinking back now, it's not as bad as it sounds and Junsu (lol I had to look at people's fanpics for this) has some kind of weird, red zippy thing going on. Yeah.

Like I said, tragic and Yoochun match.

I think the boys said a lot more but the translator didn't really translate everything? She wasn't too bad though so props to her for sharing the stage with JYJ /o/ lucky chick.

The SKK Scandal OST song was next! Chajatta sounded sooooo freakin' good live urgh it's just. Good. Too bad the Saranghae Project didn't hold out too long but at least we did the fanchants? Big props to Manda and Kelly and whoever else that saw it through, I think most of the fans were too stoned with love to hold up the banners DD;

Ayy Girl next I think, man that song is great ;_; Chun followed a bit of Kanye's rapping and okay sorry I don't remember much from this perf since I was kinda spacing out and looking at Jaejoong and waving my lightstick DDD:

They ended with a remix of Empty and Jaejoong wore his blasted jacket back. Damn the man aksdjnak but of course, he looked amazing in it rofl Chunface looked a bit out of place in his suit though. /o/ LOVE YOU, CHUNFACE. During the "Let it go~" parts of the song, Jae was shouting them out and the crowd would (kinda) respond LET IT GO! in return. /happy sigh/ We need to do more of that crowd response thing, M'sia. Go work on that so we can be prepped for 2011 yeah?

I think it was during that last song too that Jaejoong went all JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! at the crowd and I swear, at that moment, it just felt like...yes. This is how life should be. I mean, I'm soaking wet and exhausted and I can't even see their faces from where I'm standing but god so help me, I'm rocking out to motherfucking JYJ live.

...I'm sorry I swear so much, it's just that JYJ needs stronger language. They're that awesome :DD And forget what I said earlier about having nothing to say, this is so crazy long ;_;

For fan accounts with more substance and actual pics of the showcase, may I direct you here and here ([ profile] under_an_oak  and [ profile] juliangmaxis  respectively~)

Annnd that about ends the part everyone should be interested in. Next comes the random, non-JYJ stadium rants and stuff ohohoho everyone who's here for just the fanaccount can leave now and go be productive or something :D here we go:

Don't say I didn't warn you guys :///

So I was there like, pretty early in the morning? Chloe and I kinda hightailed it to the internet cafe thing opposite our hotel and stayed there till 2am because we're crazy /nods/ Woke up around 6:30am and made way to stadium etc. etc. Not too many people there then and I briefly flirted with the idea of lining up for the rock pitt but decided against it :/ it's not like I'm tall enough to see anything anyways rofl

Ehhh meandered about, tried to help and not be a nuisance to the Saranghae project people (dies, I even got one of 'em nifty STAFF tags thing eventhough all I did was stand around handing out papers and walking the banner through the venue ehehe). Met up with [ profile] youinmyjumpsuit  as well (dies bb I'm sorry I think I kinda forgot to ask your name /fail) and we used our super powers of fangirlism to pimp the Saranghae project like no other /o/ Hoisted the banner around the stadium a bit, directed people to the project site and basically became walking ads. Very nice.


Then, saw that the booth selling albums was open so lined up and actually no, we didn't line up. We fought for our lives there, I swear, I stood in the same damned place for about 1/2 an hour (I was less than 2 metres away from the tabel askdjask raging) and nothing. Moved. Forward. If anything, people got pushed back by crazyassed fans ://

but in anycase, Chloe was a sweetheart and she managed to get the Luxury Edition for me so yay! About the album, it's seriously...gorgeous. I mean man, I was impressed with FTI's special repackaged version of "The Refreshment" but this one just takes the cake. It can take the whole damn bakery even, it's that pretty ;_;

I would take pics but the camera I have with me ain't mine and I don't have the cable for it so boo :// But anyways, the album is huge and has the biggest album cards I've seen. Whoppers and really pretty ones at that ;_; see some pics here (links to sharingyoochun)

Talking about the album btw, brains out of the gutter, only space enough for one!

Er what else ohhh yes, met up with some brilliant people who recognized me from my bag tag rofl (I had one that said HI MY NAME IS blurmeese@LJ and I SHIP YUNJAE) and dies, if you're reading this right now, raise your hand in the comments! For the life of me, idek why they wanted...a pic of me /dying/ I'm sorry if I ruined the pics, ngl I looked like death itself at that time DD: But bbs, add me up so we can spazz okay? Okay!

PUTCHA HANDS IN THE AYERRRR~ Check out my lame DBSK walls btw ohohoho

Also met up with @jaeve and [ profile] juliangmaxis  while lining up with Sin /o/ Honestly, without Sin and Eve, I think I would have just about died in the crowd ;_; ilu guys, we need to meet up again soon yeah? But anyways, the crowd for the rock pitt was...horrendous. Rainclouds started to gather around 2-ish and after a while, it really started pouring D: Man, I was soaking wet and not in a good way hurrrr D:

Lots of pushing and shoving and if Sin hadn't grabbed hold of me...idek what would have happened. Someone had pushed the barriers over so it was all crazy messy and Red Star still insisted on checking the barcode of every ticket despite the fact there were like, 400+ people standing in the rain. :// Ew. A few poor souls had their tickets all mushy because of the rain as well D;


Ngl, next time I'm going for VIP tix. I mean rock pit is awesome if you're tall or can pull off heels but I'm not and I can't, unfortunately :( Baww. Am now sick because of the rain but in all, it was...amazing. When the boys were singing, I swear I must have had the oddest expression on my face since Sin kept asking me if I was okay D;

idek, at that moment I don't think I was really okay, because it hit me just how much I love this band, this fandom. Every note they hit, it was beautiful. I've spent years online (okay well, 3) fangirling them, I've chased them to China (where they canceled aksjdkasd) and now, they were standing in front of me. Doing what I loved them first for. ;____; /end sap

In that case, the whole of DBSK needs green towels of doom D: man I spelled that foom the first time /needs sleep

We didn't have enough people for a red ocean that night but hearing them sing for us, hearing the crowd scream in response. My heart just got a little painful, I guess. Especially looking around the stadium and seeing so many empty spaces. I think I felt like they deserved more love? And Sin/Eve/I had this conversation about how people who come to know kpop in the space of 2009-2010 won't even know the greatness of DBSK :( I know there's a lot of "if onlys" in fandom but the greatest one for me now is: If only they could do this together as five. Conquering the world.

sakjdhska I'm sorry I rambled on for 2 paragraphs there, have a happy!macro to make up :DD

But that aside, it was certainly...amazing. Thanks guys, for making fandom a wonderful place to be in...most of the time rofl nahh ilu :DDD


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